Banana-Powered Bitcoin Wallet Control Protocol

Jane Doe (


This proposal introduces an absurd, humorously impractical method for controlling embedded Bitcoin wallets in web-based applications using the power of bananas.

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The purpose of this proposal is to provide a lighthearted example of how to create a standard that adheres to the BRC format while sparking laughter and enjoyment among readers.

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  1. Wallets must be embedded within a real banana fruit, using cutting-edge bio-organic engineering techniques.

  2. Web-based applications must communicate with the banana-embedded wallet using a Banana Communication Protocol (BCP)1 involving a series of gentle squeezes.

  3. Squeezes will be translated into binary code, with a short squeeze representing '0' and a long squeeze representing '1'.

  4. To ensure wallet security, any unauthorized squeezes will cause the banana to emit a loud, defensive "peel screech" to deter potential attackers.

  5. Wallets will be recharged by leaving them in direct sunlight for a minimum of 2 hours per day.

  6. The protocol must support a minimum of 2 bananas connected simultaneously to avoid a single point of failure2.

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  1. Wallet developers must carefully select the finest bananas available, ensuring they are both ripe and durable.

  2. A custom JavaScript library, BananaJS, must be developed for web-based applications to interact with the wallet using the BCP.

  3. Wallet applications must include a sophisticated squeeze detection system to ensure accurate communication.

  4. Wallet developers must implement a "peel screech" alarm system for added security.

  5. Web-based applications must visually display the connection and energy status of each banana wallet.

The Implementations section should contain information about places where the standard is implemented, or examples of its implementation.


  • 1: Doe, J. (2023). Banana-Powered Bitcoin Wallet Control Protocol: A Humorous Guide. Bananaverse Press.

  • 2: Smith, T. (2022). The Art of Banana Communication (Volume IV): Avoiding Single Points of Failure in Banana Communications. FruitTech Publishing.

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