Pay to False Return


The OP_FALSE OP_RETURN script template is a method for storing data on the Bitcoin SV blockchain. It creates a non-spendable output and appends the desired data to the end of the script for storage. This standard aims to define the rules and best practices for using this script template.


The low transaction fees and high capacity of the Bitcoin SV network make it an attractive option for storing data on the blockchain. The OP_FALSE OP_RETURN script template is a widely used method for achieving this goal due to its simplicity and ease-of-use.


To use the OP_FALSE OP_RETURN script template, an output must be included in a Bitcoin transaction with a locking script comprising OP_FALSE followed by OP_RETURN, followed by the data to store in the script. The data can be pushed into one or multiple stack elements after the OP_RETURN opcode.

For example:



Several implementations and protocols make use of the OP_RETURN script template, including the RUN protocol and Bitcoin OP_RETURN Bytecode (BOB).


The main limitation of using OP_FALSE OP_RETURN is the non-spendability of these outputs and their ability to be pruned by miners. They are records rather than tokens. Artefacts predominantly as a proof of existence of data at a certain time - timestamped by the Bitcoin system as a hash with a merkleproof to a block, even if miners themselves prune the data.

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